The Investment

Invest In a Business That Makes an Impact

When you join the TGA team, you’ll be joining a leading provider of youth sports programming. We’ll help you build a successful, rewarding business you can be proud of. As an owner, you’ll also have the support of Youth Athletes United, a platform for leading youth enrichment brands.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • We are proud to be a low-cost franchise with an Initial Franchise Fee = $49,500*

  • Total investment including Franchise Fee = $77,550 - $116,00*

  • Required Liquid Capital: $50k

  • Minimum Net Worth: $100k

We do not offer financing directly, but 3rd party resources are available.

We applaud anyone who commits themselves to bettering the lives of children and the world around them, which is why we offer educators and veterans a 10% discount on the franchise fee.

  • Type of

    Minimum Investment

    Maximum Investment

  • Initial Franchise Fee*



  • Training Expenses



  • Enhanced Business Coaching and Training Fee



  • Grand Opening Marketing



  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment



  • Starter Kit and Initial Uniforms and Marketing Materials (Core)



  • Starter Kit and Initial Uniforms and Marketing Materials (Plus)



  • Computer System



  • Insurance and Professional Services



  • Permits, Licenses and Certificates



  • Territory Overage Fee (per person)



  • Plus Program (Optional)



  • Fund - 3 Months






How Much Can I Make?

Owning a TGA Sports franchise is a winning experience for several reasons. It provides an opportunity to take control of your future, embrace a flexible lifestyle, and give back to your community. It can also offer financial independence

To learn more about your earning potential with our golf franchise, take a look at some of the numbers from Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) after you reach out to our team. Earnings will vary depending on several factors, most of all the programs you offer, but they should give you some perspective on what you can expect.

Annual Performance of the Top 25% Owners*

Average Gross Revenues by Unit : $322,784* (11 units represented)


(Expenses are only incurred when operating programs.)

With low overhead and no brick-and-mortar build-out, TGA’s model is cash-flow friendly as most expenses are variable. Some of the variable costs include:

Additional initial investment expenses:

  • Starting equipment package per sport (valued between $700-$1,300 per sport)

  • Business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and TGA-branded items

  • TGA “Coach” uniforms including shirts and hats

Program marketing materials, coaching labor, equipment, student prizes and giveaways, and insurance on a per-student basis.

Financing Options
If you purchase a franchise, you will have the option to finance up to fifty percent (50%) of the initial franchise fee. You will sign a promissory note (“Note” attached as Exhibit 10 to the Franchise Agreement), that will be financed over 14 months with interest at 15% simple interest. If you are a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation, then the note must be guaranteed individually by all of the partners, members, or shareholders, as applicable.