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High Demand for Our Youth Tennis & Golf Franchise

If you’re looking to take a leap and invest in a youth sports business, now is an exciting time to join the TGA Sports franchise! Our programs are in a league of their own – and no one is offering what we do. Our unique model allows owners to provide programs both inside and outside a school setting. Our franchise fits into several different industries such as educational services, after-school programs, and children’s entertainment – all of which are experiencing growth.

Franchise Business Review recently conducted a survey to learn how TGA ranks among other youth sports providers – and we’re proud of how we fared against the competition.

Franchise Business Review Survey

Graph showing TGA is leading in the industry in Training, system, core values, community, and financials.

*Data powered by Franchise Business Review

Our youth sports franchise meets the needs of a wide range of consumers. Read on to learn more about our industry and why we are one of the best franchises to own right now.

Educational Services Industry

Our franchise fits comfortably in the educational services industry, which is currently experiencing a growth spurt. Yet there is minimal competition among youth sports providers, which makes for the perfect opportunity for our franchise. While many youth sports programs focus on formal teams or after-school practices, we bring our programs into schools to supplement their physical education curriculum.

The educational services industry was worth about $2 trillion in 2018 and currently employs an estimated 3.5 million people. As this industry continues to grow, there is ample room and opportunity for our tennis and golf franchise.

After-School Program Industry

Many families are increasingly relying on after-school programs to keep their children occupied and provide them with additional learning opportunities. The after-school industry is valued at $23 billion and is steadily growing each year as more families take advantage of this valuable resource.

Several key factors in the rising popularity of after-school programs are the changes in America’s labor force. Changing work schedules is a big reason for the increased interest in after-school programs. Yet after-school programs can offer more than just a place for kids to spend time until their parents finish work. TGA provides a fun and educational experience where children can learn about golf, tennis, and other sports, be taught the value of teamwork, and so much more. Once again, our youth sports franchise is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this changing industry.

Children’s Entertainment Industry

TGA fits into yet another industry: kids’ entertainment. Children’s entertainment businesses are popping up all over the country, and many experts in the franchise industry have noticed a boom in the number of franchises operating in this sector (Forbes). Yet while this industry is growing, and new businesses are entering, TGA is yet again in a unique position to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering both entertainment and educational content. While others provide video games and TV as forms of entertainment, our youth sports franchise is winning over parents with our sports and athletics programs.

Game. Set. Match.

As these industries grow and change, TGA is always ready to adapt and evolve along with them. Our franchise development team is always working hard to make sure our golf and tennis franchise remains a leader in our respective industries. As an owner, you’ll focus on providing valuable programs to children inside and outside schools while we work hard behind the scenes to stay ahead of the competition.

Explore our Steps to Ownership to learn about what to expect, and then take the first step today!


  • “TGA’s opportunity is for those who value ‘making a difference’ while also building an asset. If you have a mind for business, love to play, enjoy flexibility–but welcome a challenge–TGA is for you. As an owner for the past 6+ years, I can say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

    Stuart Woody Owner, TGA of Mercer County - Franchisee